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It seems like every Real Estate market report you look an Average.

Of coarse the reason for this is that the Toronto and overall Real Estate market in the GTA is just too big and diverse to track all the current and micro statistics in and around all the various neighbourhoods. Just about every neighbourhood is mixed with newer, older, smaller and bigger homes, that you can not really rely on average selling prices if you want to make a more informed decision when you decide to buy or sell.

Market Statistics from the Toronto Real Estate Board and other market stats you may come across do a decent job in breaking things down and giving you a snapshot of what’s happening in the 416 and 905 regions. However, these markets are constantly changing and market values will adjust on a quarterly, monthly and sometimes even on a weekly basis.

Average city and community prices are exactly that…average. They don’t tell you what you really need to know when it comes time to sell...what would the actual value of your home be at this particular time in the market.

It is essential to look at the most current and accurate activity directly on your street and in your immediate neighbourhood. There are many variables in arriving to the value of your home. Even if you may have some idea of selling prices on similar homes around you, it may still not tell you the whole picture.

Arriving to the Market Value of your property

When we sit down with our clients we are very detailed in helping them arrive at the most accurate value possible. 

We always look at the following details:

  • What homes are for sale that are currently listed on the market or have just recently been Sold that would be comparable to your home. We first look at your immediate street, and the streets around you and then the overall neighbourhood. What did they list for ? What did they actually end up selling for ? How many days on the market ?

  • What are the main differences of your property compared to the others we are comparing against? Certain additions and renovations could make a difference in overall value when comparing against similar homes to yours.

  • We also investigate how the homes that are currently for sale and that have recently sold were being marketed. Did any of them hold any Offer Dates ? If so, we look in to the details of what happened. Like if there were multiple offers or any other specific conditions regarding those sales.

  • Were there any price reductions on any of the properties that are still for sale and the ones that Sold ? If yes, How many times and how often ? Were any of the properties we are comparing against previously listed and did not sell in the last year ? Why ?

  • Before and after we list your home we keep track of what is currently for sale and what else may get listed on a daily basis, so we can keep you informed. If we see another house get Sold before yours, we will immediately follow up with you to discuss that sale and if we need to make any adjustments.

There is a lot to consider when selling your home then just taking pictures, putting a sign on your lawn and listing it on the market. If you are considering to sell your home soon and would like to meet with us to discuss and evaluate your home, don't hesitate to Contact us anytime.