Lanz Real Estate

Preparing to sell

Once you have made the decision to Sell or Buy, We recommend keeping a master file of all the important documents involved for your Real estate transaction. (Current Realty Tax bill, latest Mortgage statement (if any), latest utility statements such as Hydro, Gas, water...etc.

If you should be in need of a Real Estate lawyer, Movers, Handyman or various other Trades and Professionals, we would be more then happy to pass along some good people that we have recommended to several clients in the past.

Depending on the condition of your home, we will help you make some decisions on what may need fixing or updating. You may not need to do anything or maybe just a few minor things, but the better your home presents itself, the more likely you will achieve a quicker and good offer or several offers.


Staging your home to sell is another option to consider. Very Simply...staging generally means hiring a professional staging company to bring in updated furniture and other various decorative accessories to help update your home in order to generate stronger interest and in most scenarios a higher offer.

You may not need or wish to use this service at all. In many instances, de-cluttering your home, some fresh paint and perhaps moving around some existing furniture is all you may need to do.

Older homes

If your home happens to be much older (approx 30 years and older) and not in great shape, then there is a good chance most potential buyers will want to do a major renovation or replace your home with a new built home. In this scenario, you probably wont have to spend any additional money on updating or fixing your home.  

Let us help you figure it all out

We have worked with many sellers and have encountered just about every kind of house and individual situation and timeline.  We will always give you our honest opinion and advice to make sure you will maximize the greatest value from selling your home.  Of coarse the final decision on anything to do with selling your home is always yours.