Lanz Real Estate

We always appreciate when our clients have "some kind words" to say about the personal service we provide. Whether you are buying, selling or renting any property, our commitment to you is always to do the best for you with the outmost of Honesty and integrity.  

"Thanks to the experience and patience of Irena & Danny the purchase of our house in Lytton park was with absolute ease. We were looking for a while but finally we found a great property. They are very professional & extremely hard working. They bring with them a strong knowledge of the real estate market. All of this makes working with them a very wonderful experience."   

- L. Gold

"I just want to acknowledge what a great experience I had working with Danny and Irena. As every situation is unique, I told them exactly what I was looking for and they were able to come up with the perfect place and location that i wanted.

I did not have the time to run around and check out so many properties, so i left it in their very capable hands...and they delivered. I would recommend them to anyone who values Patience, sincerity and integrity. They are not just great Real estate agents...they are great people."

- R. Salzberg

"It is very rare that I take the time to write a complimentary letter. However, after spending several months working with Irena and Danny, one letter cannot begin to express the thanks and respect I have for them. They exhibited a total professional attitude in the midst of a competitive market.

Their sincerity, consideration and generosity of time are only overshadowed by their enthusiasm. In addition, the approach, patience, honesty and knowledge was greatly appreciated.

Irena and Danny Lanz are great assets to the Forest Hill Real-estate team and I would highly recommend them highly if you are purchasing or selling your home. I will certainly continue to use their expertise with respect to all my real estate investments. Thank you again Irena & Danny."

- D. Mayer

"When we decided to call Danny and Irena, they came and met with us at our home, sat down and explained in easy and forthright terms just what they could do for us. They suggested a list price that was higher than we had expected and came through for us in double quick time. We were very pleased with their manner, never pushy; let us follow our own timeline. We were extremely happy with the results. We would recommend them anytime."

-A. Mercer

"Working with Irena and Danny was a pleasure from start to finish. They were patient and supportive as I went through the process of deciding on a new home. They helped me look at several houses until i found the one that got me excited. We put an offer together quickly and I got the house.

Throughout the process they were very professional in their interactions with me – always answered my emails promptly, kept me up to date on current market listings, and set up viewings in a timely manner. They balance each other very well, and it’s like having two agents working for you. I have no problem to recommend them highly to anyone."

- R.Moses

"We were very happy with the real estate services provided by Irena Lanz in renting out our unit at 32 Davenport Residences. The services provided were very professional and we appreciated the time and effort that she put into promoting our unit. We have also found her to be very friendly and easy to deal with. We will for sure use Irena again if needed."

- Marc H

"When I was ready to look for a condo to rent, Irena was very committed and organized. She was very professional and educated me on various aspects of home renting that I had not considered. She patiently spent a lot of time with me until I found the right place. In my particular situation, the place I liked was up for both sale and lease.

A conditional buy was put forth before my offer to rent went through, however, Irena carefully monitored the listing for me anyway in the event that the condition expired without a firm purchase. She was right to do so as the place was re-listed. Irena was adamant, persistent and determined to obtain the unit for me and it paid off.

I successfully solidified a lease agreement all thanks to Irena. She is hard-working, loyal and efficient. I highly recommend her as a sales representative."

- B. Rozler

"Having to move from Quebec City to Toronto can be stressful. Imagine having to do it starting a new job and all that with only 2 weeks notice. After I told Irena my criteria, only a few days after I flew in for a day and she had visits planned. She made it happen, it's been a year and the place is perfect.

- Charles

"Irena was a wonderful agent, who was there just when I needed her to find exactly what I was looking for. You can sure count on her to deliver the things you need to make your move a pleasant one. She knew my priorities and my location and respected my spending budget as well.

I don't think you can find another motivated passionate agent like Irena in Toronto to get you your perfect next home."

- G. Schwaizer

"Irena is a true professional. Her expertise in is outstanding and her patience is commendable. She found a very nice suite in an elegant building for me. It was my pleasure working with Irena. I would definitely work with her again. Thank you, Irena!"

-  L. Sztojkovics 

"Irena was a pleasure to work with when we were searching for a rental. She was attentive to our specific needs, facilitating us until we found a suitable option. She never pressured us when it came to decision-making and was very willing to work with us until we found something that we were happy with. Irena always conducted herself in a professional manner and explained important details to their fullest. Something I really appreciated was how quickly she responded to my emails or calls, it made the process run smoothly. 

We look forward to working with Irena in the future."

- Sabrina K.

Irena has done a great job with finding exactly what I was looking for in a home. She is organized, knowledgeable, and friendly. Irena is very willing to work within your schedule throughout the entire process. I would recommend her to anyone.Thanks,

- Rishabh 

Our downsizing adventure...

Change is never easy, even when you know it’s for the best. You get comfortable, maybe even complacent. But when we concluded that a change was needed, sometimes you have to face reality, hold your breath, and just go for it. Such was the case for us. Here we were, empty nesters living in a house that needed a lot of work, which we just couldn’t face doing.

When Irena and Danny contacted us with the possibility of selling our home, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to make the move. After all, this was the house where we raised our family and where we created many memories over the years. It was our Family home. Emotionally, we weren’t ready to say goodbye just yet. We lived in Cedarvale for over 35 years and this house was us and we were this house.

It took some time before we made the decision to take the plunge. We finally decided to contact them and make an appointment. We sat down with them over some coffee and they were very patient and honest in answering all our questions and explained everything involved and the various ways we can sell our home. We arrived at the correct value for our home and it was sold very quick and for an amount we were very satisfied with. We also saved thousands of dollars by selling Exclusively.

For people who had always lived in a house, we had a hard time picturing ourselves in something different. Wherever we moved, it was going to be an adjustment. We weighed all the pros and cons, but soon the answer became obvious.

Our lifestyle was one that incorporated a lot of travel, and we no longer wanted to take care of the house and the worries associated with leaving a house unattended for long periods of time. The flood we had which had been caused by frozen pipes a few years ago while we were cruising made this immensely clear. It was a nightmare we came home to, one that we never want to repeat. We realized our most realistic option would be to buy or possibly rent a Condo. We can close the door behind us, and away we go. This greatly appealed to us.

But what condo and where? We were somewhat out of touch with the current market, and needed a crash course on the ins and outs of condo selection and ownership. Here’s another area where Danny and Irena really came through for us. They were patient and diligent in helping us through our education ramp-up, showing us many different condo’s, pointing out the pros and the cons.

As we all went through the process, it soon became apparent that they had gotten to understand us very well and always had our best interests at heart. We also loved that they often picked us up from home and drove us to see the various listings, so we did not have to deal with the traffic and parking.

Irena and Danny only took us to certain properties based on our criteria, and were very honest in helping us evaluate the match between the unit and our desires. We sometimes heard: “Now here’s a property that you might like”, and other times we heard: “This property’s not for you.” And virtually every time, they were right. As a married Real Estate couple, each brought their own strengths into the effort, and we benefited from having the two perspectives.

Ultimately, after going to see many great possibilities, we bought a very desirable condo in the Yonge and York mills neighbourhood with almost everything we had wanted. They were very on top of what was going on with the market and showed us the great value we were getting in the Condo we purchased.

So, now you know our story. And the moral of the story is a simple one: When you’re considering to make that move, try to envision the end result and bring in the right people with the resources and experience to help you through it.

We were very fortunate to have had Irena and Danny help us make it all happen, and we’ll never regret making our decision.


Bonnie and David Lilian