Lanz Real Estate

As partners in business and life for over 20 years, we both share a 

passion for the Real Estate business. We work together to make sure that

we give you the attention you deserve and your time spent with us is a

positive experience.  

Being involved in a Real Estate transaction can be a complex process that

requires specific industry knowledge, skill and experience in order to

orchestrate a successful sale. We get to know our clients quickly

and  appreciate the uniqueness of each situation.

Our highest priorities when working with you are to protect your

best interests, listen to your needs and provide honest and 

knowledgeable advice and guidance. We are both down to earth and

straightforward and at no point will we rush or pressure you to make a

decision, regardless if you are buying or selling.

We know that it is a very competitive industry and there are no 

shortage of agents that you can choose from. Who you decide to work

with can depend on many factors.
We always appreciate your consideration and please feel free to call or 

email us any questions or comments anytime. 

Experience - Patience - Integrity